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10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

July 24th, 2014 | 12 comments


When I set up this website last year, I had the intention of doing a regular blog to provide my readers with as many resources and support as possible, to leading a healthy lifestyle.  A year later, and my blog is looking somewhat miserable (!), so when I saw this 21-day blogging challenge set up by ‘Nourish Online’, I decided to jump in head first!


Soooo, my first blog of the 21-day challenge is to give you a little more of an insight into me!  It’s just a little fun, and hopefully you’ll get a better idea of who I am after this.  Here goes!



1) I grew up on a dairy farm in NZ and used to be a tom-boy

My childhood consisted of riding on motorbikes, feeding farm animals, calf club, helping Dad at the shed, playing in the hay barn, drinking fresh milk still warm from the cow (with a cream layer on top!), playing cricket with my bros, and watching Saturday afternoon All Black games with the family.  Playing with dolls, hair & makeup never really interested me that much as a young girl!



2) I used to wear high vis & steel caps to work

Yip, I donned the high-vis and steel caps for 4 years working in mines around Western Australia as well as a year in Papua New Guinea!  I worked in injury prevention, health education, managed the recreational facilities, the gym, organised sporting comps, ran workshops on musculoskeletal health, large-scale weight loss programs to name a few of my roles!  It was a pretty rad experience!!





3) I lived in a caravan for 6-months in remote Australia

When I first arrived in Western Australia in 2005, I was back-packing down the west coast from Darwin, with nothing more than a backpack and my guitar.  When I arrived in Coral Bay, I couldn’t believe the beauty of such a place!!  I found some work in the local bar, and ended up living there for 6-months in a little caravan.  Such an amazing experience 🙂


Coral Bay sunset



4) My first job after Uni was on a cruise ship

Before I made my way to Western Australia, I spent 6 months aboard a luxury cruise liner working as a Fitness Director and Massage Therapist.  We sailed from Philadelphia on the east coast of the US, over to the Bermuda Islands.  Was definitely a love/hate experience.




6) I have a massive love of photography

Love love LOVE taking photos!  It makes you appreciate the beauty of things around you, and see the world in an artistic way.  I learn’t how to use an SLR camera way before digital times, and I think the passion for photography was passed down to me from my Dad 🙂  My part-time job through Uni was at a camera store.  I was a sales rep and also helped in developing film.  This photo is when I was traveling through India in 2008.

ngaire with camera


7) I’m a serious health nerd

OK, so maybe you already know this!!  I get so excited with anything and everything to do with nutrition, movement, emotional & mental health, personal development, the body, food, exercise…..I have a serious book & course addiction!  I love learning and I love imparting the knowledge.  I get such a buzz out of working with clients, whether its in person or online, and witnessing beautiful personal transformations.   Aaaaah I freaking love my work 🙂



8) My boyfriend is 6’9″ giant

He’s my tree, he grounds and supports me, and after 2-years together I love him more than ever!!  In this photo I am standing on the roots of the tree on my tip toes…and I am 5’8″!

2014-07-05 23.49.35


9) I’m a night owl and hate getting up early

I have tried and tried and tried to change this, but it doesn’t matter how often I get up early, as soon as I don’t have an alarm I will sleep in (and freaking love it!!).  And I love the evening time, when it’s all quiet, and if I can, I will stay up late pottering around at home, on the computer, or watching movies 🙂



10) I used to be a serious party girl

Ever since I was old enough to go to parties, I just LOVED them!  I loved letting my hair down, feeling the loss of inhibition when I drank alcohol, dancing to loud music, meeting new people, going to music festivals, night clubs and feeling so care-free.  I smoked cigarettes, tried different drugs, and did a lot of binge drinking….you know, drink as much as you can before you go out so you don’t have to spend money in the clubs (gross!!!).  Did I mention the McDonald’s on the way home from town?!  Disgusting, but hey, a part of my journey and my past.  Glad I’m not there now!

party girl


12 people have commented
  1. Kylie Bevan says:

    Love reading about all the experiences that have made you the beautiful person you are today, Ngaire. We have quite a lot in common, it turns out!

  2. Ngaire, it’s SO cool to read these awesome things about you and get to know you from a different angle 🙂 Loved every word xo

  3. Your life has been full of some pretty awesome adventures so far. Love the party animal shot, I think most of us went though that ‘stage’! xx N

    • ngaire stephenson says:

      Thanks Nikki! It was an awesomely fun time of my life, and apart from the damage to my body from the ‘anti-nutrients’, I don’t regret a thing! It made me who I am today, and I am proud of it all 🙂 Thanks for reading and leaving a comment gorgeous xxx

  4. Love every single thing about you Ngaire, you’re so inspiring and a gal of my own heart.
    Can’t wait to see what your next creation is.
    Big love xx

    • ngaire stephenson says:

      Thanks Lissa! Straight back at you sister…when I see your strength and beauty, I know in my heart that I am seeing it in myself too. Keep shining your light, because you help light up my path 🙂 xxx

  5. Dani Gardner says:

    Sounds like we have a few things in common Ngaire such as photography, guitar and cheeky midweek lunches with a glass of wine : ). Love your caravan and cruise ship adventures – what a blast!

  6. ngaire stephenson says:

    Thank you gorgeous lady! I hope our paths cross again one day soon, it would be amazing to see you again! xxx

  7. Simone says:

    Hey Ngaire, we have a lot in common! Ex party girls now obsessed with health who love to travel, have had quirky jobs and love photography! Great post!

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