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Fertility Lessons From The Garden

January 1st, 2015 | no comments


I’ve always loved the idea of being a ‘green thumb gardener’.  Out there in the sunshine, with a wide brimmed hat, tending my beautiful plants.  Why wouldn’t I!  I mean, I love nature, I love being connected to the earth, having my hands in the soil and my bare feet on the grass.


So at the beginning of last year, when my finance bought a gorgeous home for us to move into, I decided that it was time to really get this gardening thing happening.  It was time to get my green thumb on, and make a real effort to learn the ways of gardening in sub-tropical south east Queensland!


Over the past few years I’ve toiled and experimented with growing herbs in pots, growing succulents, and the occasional flower pot….and to be honest, I haven’t been particularly successful.  I quickly discovered that it’s not just as easy as popping some seeds in the soil and expecting them to grow into healthy plants.  I seem to be pretty good at killing plants to be honest….


Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law (to-be), and her years of gardening wisdom, I have slowly been learning what is needed to grow happy & healthy plants.  During this time, something I’ve noticed is just how similar growing healthy plants is to growing healthy humans!!  Being so interested in fertility, I found the parallels between gardening and human health & fertility intriguing!


So I wanted to share the lessons I have learn’t from the garden, which we can apply to our own life and to preparing the female body/soil for planting seeds and growing healthy happy babies.



1. Prepare the soil before you plant the seed

Like humans, plants need a healthy environment to thrive in.  They need food, they need nutrients, they need water, they need sunshine.  They also need attention, care and love.  I never realised just how important soil preparation is until this last year.

Just like a plant, a woman needs to prepare her own soil before she plants a seed.  She needs to have a strong, healthy & nutrient rich ecosystem for the seed to sprout, grow & thrive from.  Just like a healthy vegetable garden, you must first have a rich and nutrient dense environment for conception.  The healthier the soil you plant the seed, the healthier opportunities the young one will have.


2. Be in tune with your environment

One thing I learn’t pretty quickly, is that gardening ways that work well in New Zealand, do not do so well in Queensland!  The environment is completely different.  The soil is different, the temperatures are different, the humidity is different, the animals & bugs are different, the rainfall is different.  To grow a plant well you must understand the environment you are growing them in.  As humans, we need to do the same.  We need to know what foods best suit our body in the climate we are living in.  Eating foods that have been shipped across the world, just so you can have your berries in winter, is not particularly helpful to your bodies ecosystem.


3. Understand the cycles and seasons

Isn’t it funny how, as humans, we get stuck into the same cycles and routines day-in-day-out, no matter what the time of year.  With food availability now, we may eat the same breakfast, same lunch, same snack foods all year round!!  This gardening business has taught me that plants have cycles just like humans.  They flower, they fruit, they lose their leaves and they have different needs at different stages of their lives, and different times of the year.  As a woman, it is so important to understand & nurture our menstrual cycles, moon cycles, seasonal cycles, and the larger scale life cycles we experience.  Are you in tune with your cycles?  Do you nurture you cycles?


Let’s be honest, I still have a long way to go to be able to call myself a ‘green thumb’, but just as I have done with my physical, mental & emotional health, it is a process of learning and change that takes time and patience.  Just as I cannot become a pro-gardener in a year, you too might not be able to become a health-wizz in a year.  There will be lots of things to learn, you will make mistakes, you will forget to water your plants or give them the right nutrients at the right time, you will go back to old habits occasionally.  But each mistake will be a lesson you will learn from.


Slowly your soil will become richer and more fertile.

So one day you can plant a seed.

And watch it grow into a strong, healthy & beautiful flower.


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