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Hey beautiful!  My name is Ngaire (pronounced Ny-ree), and I am a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, Accredited Exercise Physiologist & a Clinical Pilates Teacher.  I’m from New Zealand, but am now living in sunny & tropical Queensland!

I work with women like you, who are struggling with poor energy, unhealthy habits, stress, weight-gain, body aches & pains, and finding your place & purpose in the world.

My passion is in empowering & supporting you to become the best version of yourself, because I believe everyone deserves a healthy & happy life.


My Mission…

My mission is to educate & empower woman & their families, to live a wholehearted life, with nutrient dense whole-foods, enjoyable movement & play, self-love & soul-driven purpose.  One-by-one, family-by-family, we can create a healthier next generation, and a healthier planet!


My Philosophy

Health is not about strict diets and hard-core exercise; it is about finding what (real!) foods work for your individual body, it’s about finding ways to move that are pleasurable…it’s about everything in your life that feeds you!  Your love for yourself, your relationships, your work, your alone time, the amount of play & pleasure, the right types of movement, your thoughts, your beliefs, and of course, the food you eat all play a role in how awesome you feel.  Come and find out how I apply this philosophy to my work!

“Health is a Vehicle, not a Destination”


My Education

Over the years I have invested thousands and thousands of dollars into educational courses and personal development.  I consider myself a life-long learner, and have had several amazing mentor’s and coaches over the past few years who have supported me to get where I am today.

My professional qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Physical Education (Exercise Prescription & Management)
  • Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition)
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist with ESSA (Exercise Sports Science Australia)
  • Health Coaching Certificate (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York)
  • Certificate III Fitness
  • STOTT PILATES Full Certification Studio Instructor
  • NLP Training (Neuro-linguistic Psychology)
  • Massage Therapy (Sports, Remedial, Indian Head Massage)


Come over to Linkedin if you want to know more about my professional career.


Things that light my spirit…

Music, dancing, fresh ginger, driving with the windows down, sunshine, smiles, mountains, music festivals, hugs, candles, good coffee, old people, children, bob Marley, Quinoa, cartwheels, sublime, coconuts, long slow kisses, frozen blueberries, camping, skydiving, animals, massages, tropical beaches, yoga, my beautiful rug from India, birds, soulful people, compassion, a kind heart, old souls, young souls, cold beer on a hot day, stormy nights, headstands, champagne, hip hop music, red toe nail polish, sunflowers, old trees, dark chocolate, red wine, hot baths, reggae, my family, my friends, my lover, pumpkin seed oil, beautiful eyes, the colour green, led zeppelin, a full moon, swimming in the ocean naked, old American cars, meditation, long-board skating, surfing, burnt orange, antique furniture, being barefoot, mangoes, flowing dresses, board games, hiking, blackberry jam, truth, honesty & love x