Coaching Sign-up Success!


Congratulations for making this commitment to your health, happiness and your future!!

I have to say, I am EXTREMELY excited to begin out work together, to gently guiding you back into the drivers seat, taking the steering wheel, and finding the road that best suits you.  You deserve all the health, happiness, love & abundance the universe can muster up, and it is my job to give you the map and navigation materials to find that road!

Your next step is to fill out the health history form which can be found here.  So head on over, and once I recieve your health history form I will contact you to book in your first session!!

If you have already filled in the Health History, or even had your initial consultation already, then I am excited to see you in your first official session!  Just email me if you are unsure about your first session day/time.

Congratulations again, and I can’t wait to dive straight in 🙂


Love Ngaire