Ditch the Beauty Cabinet Toxins!

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body?

Ever wondered how many toxins are going into your blood stream daily from all of your beauty and skin care products?!

Confused by all of the natural/organic skin-care options out there?



Our skin plays such an important role, from protecting our body from the environment, keeping all of our blood vessels, soft tissue and organs contained inside of us, cooling us down when we are hot, and eliminating toxins through our pores!   Wow!


When you load your skin up with toxic-laden beauty products, then these chemicals are often being absorbed straight into your blood stream, putting extra pressure on your liver, and not allowing your skin to breathe and release the toxins.



Interview with an Expert!

If having beautiful healthy glowing skin is important to you, then please set aside 30-minutes to listen to this interview with Beautician and Health Coach, Dani Pepper from Forever Glow.  Dani talks about ditching the toxins from your beauty cabinet, the environment, and tips and tricks about your daily skin-care routine.  She has a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend taking the time to listen to this interview.  Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed the interview, and feel inspired to give your beauty cabinet a makeover!

Please contact Dani at Forever Glow to have a personalised consultation to find the right products for your skin!


Ngaire x