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Is Your ‘Smart’ Phone Making You Dumb?

March 25th, 2014 | 2 comments


Last night my man & I watched an episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (if you are also a science nerd, you will probably know and love this show too!).  At the end of each episode there is a blurb of writing (usually of a political agenda) that you must pause if you wish to read it.  The one we read last night was all about smart-phones, and how these days we don’t have to remember anything…our phone will do it all for us!


We don’t need to remember phone numbers, street addresses or any other useful pieces of information…we simply refer to our phone for the answer.


This morning while skyping a good friend of mine, we got onto the topic of memory and how both of us have noticed our memory slightly deteriorating.  My girlfriend thinks hers is to do with a medication she has to take, where as the Nutritionist in me wonders if mine is related to poor absorption of certain nutrients?  Or perhaps it was damage I did to myself with all those years of partying, late nights, booze & hangover food?


So I started thinking….are our phones to blame for wrecking havoc on our memory?  Are our phones causing our intelligence and intuition to be ‘dumbed’ down?  I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look around and see the changes that have happened in society since the introduction of the smart phone!  People are less interactive, less intuitive, and more highly strung than ever before!  Is having information at our fingertips a help or a huge hindrance??


girls on phonesphoto credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc


Here are just a few of the many things that annoy me about modern phones…

  • Less interaction in public places if you are on your own (cafes, restaurants, bars, bus stops etc)
  • People not watching where they are walking on the street (because they are on their phone!)
  • Cars not moving at an intersection when the light changes green (because they are on their phone!)
  • People taking calls or texting when they are with you or in a social setting
  • Kids being glued to screens instead of ‘playing’


So I made a decision that I am going to start working on improving my memory.  We started last night by memorising each others mobile phone numbers.  I will practice not plugging addresses into Google maps, but work out where I am going myself.  I will write my shopping list and then memorise it.  I will practice calculations and mathematics without using a calculator.  I will practice remembering peoples names.


The brain is an amazing thing, and neuroscience has shown that you can help ward off neurological conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, by using your brain in new and challenging ways on a daily basis, and of course, by looking after your body, eating the right foods and keeping a positive outlook on life.


Here’s to a healthy brain!


Love Ngaire xx



2 people have commented
  1. Jo Clark says:

    darling Ngaire, a very good article. Learn an instrument or a language. So good for the memory. The best thing is to actually go and try to use the new language. The act of code switching between language 1 and the new language, then change countries and try to speak yet another language. Such fun.

    • ngaire stephenson says:

      Awesome Jo!!! I’m thinking of all the places I want to visit, and I will learn those languages….Italian, spanish, Indonesian (might need your help with this one!)

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