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It’s Time For Surgery ~ My Dance Between Natural & Conventional Healthcare

February 23rd, 2015 | 6 comments


In 2009, I wholeheartedly believed I could heal my ovarian cyst naturally, without medical intervention.  I went on a rampant path of detoxification, clean-eating, herbs & supplements, yoga, meditation, and devoted myself to daily self-care rituals, personal development & spiritual practices.

silhouette woman beach

And I don’t regret one single moment of it.

Back then, the medical/surgical approach felt all wrong to me.  When the surgeon told me they would “probably remove my whole ovary”, it just seemed so drastic and barbaric.

My whole body screamed and told me to get away from that hospital!

Maybe it was because I was so young?

Maybe it was because I was afraid of infertility?

Maybe it was because I wasn’t emotionally mature enough to deal with news like that?

All I knew is that I wasn’t prepared to let anyone near my lady bits with a knife until I had investigated this situation for myself.  And thank god I did….

Six years later, here I am with a new ultrasound image showing that my cyst has in fact not disappeared, but doubled in size!  WTF?!!  That’s not supposed to happen?!  The cyst was meant to be shrinking!  To be breaking apart, crumbling & dissolving by my body’s super healing powers!  Despite my best efforts at eradicating it naturally over the past 6 years, it seemed like this ’thing’ attached to my ovary was setting up camp and not planning on going anywhere in a hurry.  🙁

Time to see the doc.

Yesterday morning I jumped on a train up to Brisbane to go and meet with a Gynecologist.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shit-scared.  Sitting in that fertility clinic, I looked around at the other woman in there and wondered what they were in there for?  I wondered how many of them had also had ovarian cysts?

To my relief, the Gyno was brilliant.  He was thorough and treated me with far more respect than the surgeon 6 years ago in Perth.  With his help, I made the hard decision, that it was time I had this little sucker removed from my body.  The cyst clearly isn’t going away, it is causing me terrible pelvic & back pain, it could be a risk in pregnancy, and so I decided it was time to say goodbye to my little friend.

And so the surgery is all booked.

It’s taken a few days, but I think I’ve finally come to terms with it.  And you know what, despite being so scared & nervous about this procedure, I also feel a huge sense of relief to be having it removed.  Isn’t it incredible what our medical system can do for us!  I’m choosing to replace the fear for feelings of gratitude to my life, where I live, and the medical care that is available to me if and when I need it.

This time I am ready for medical intervention; emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually.

The last 6 years was a blessing given to me by that little ’thing’ on my ovary.  Even though I didn’t get rid of the cyst naturally, I gained so so much in the process.  I did heal my body in so many ways.  I learn’t so much about myself.  I discovered amazing healing techniques, I met so many wonderful people, my career became more aligned with my true passions, and I found the love of my life (soon to become my husband!).

 baliretreatImage: At a yoga detox retreat in Bali after I first found out about my cyst.

Sometimes I think back, and imagine if I didn’t listen to myself all of those years ago?  I would have had a surgery that I would probably be regretting to this day.  I wasn’t ready back then.  My intuition knew that there was a better way…that that surgeon wasn’t the right one.

I’m so glad I listened & trusted, despite not really knowing where the path would lead me.

If you have just found out that you have ovarian cysts, my advice is to not to invest all of your trust and efforts into just natural or just conventional care.  Both play such an important role in our health care model.  I went down the natural path first as my cyst wasn’t life threatening or a high risk back then.  Now it’s time for conventional medical care to have the cyst removed.

No matter what is going on, the most important thing, is to ALWAYS listen to your body FIRST…no matter where/who you are getting your information from.  How does your body feel with that information?  Sit with it before you make any big decisions.  I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did that!!

The surgery decision feels right in my body this time, and I’m going to use all of my natural healing tools, knowledge & community to support myself before, during & after surgery.  I think I’m going to need lots of hugs too (best medicine I swear!).

I would LOVE to hear any stories about your ovarian cysts or your dance between conventional & natural health???  Please share!

You are amazing, thanks for being here 🙂

Love Ngaire xoxo

6 people have commented
  1. Kylie says:

    Thank you for you honest and vulnerable share. Brought back many memories for me. You are insightful and inspiring and I too believe there is a place for all types of care. Holistic and listening to our bodies is the true key.

    I too danced this dance when I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2008 whilst breastfeeding a bubba who was 8 months old and I had a 4 year old. I was a Homoeopath who juiced, exercised , went to yoga etc so my initial response was shock and WTF!!!! After much reflection I did undergo surgery including a mastectomy and full lymph node removal on my right side, 5 months of chemotherapy, 5 weeks of daily radiotherapy alongside completely changing my entire life!!! I did listen and honour my body along the way and embraced what each modality had to offer me. When I went through Chemotherapy I visualised powerful healing white light and treated radiotherapy like a meditation ;). I did refuse the medication that was prescribed as well as I did not feel it would act in my best interests. To this day nearly 6.5 years on I am thriving and healthy and I continue to dance between natural and conventional healthcare. love and light to you sista xxx

    • ngaire stephenson says:

      Oh Kylie this story brings tears to my eyes and fills me up with so much love & admiration towards you! Wow what a brave woman, and remarkable story. I can’t even imagine what those years must have been like for you. It is so so wonderful to hear you are healthy & thriving now 🙂 Thanks for your love & light…I’ve already started practicing my white light visualisation meditations 🙂 Loads of love xoxox

  2. Philippa says:

    Hello beautiful brave wonderful woman! Thank you so much for sharing your story with the world, wishing you all the strength you already possess and that hug is always here for you (via skype!) and soon a big one in person! XXX

  3. Larelle says:

    Hey Ngaire

    Sorry to hear that the little sucker has stayed put. I have never experienced anything like that but my thoughts and positive vibes will be coming towards you. All the best sweetheart and keep up the cleansing routines and meditation prior to surgery. It will help you to focus and stay relaxed.

    love always Larelle x

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