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Lifting the (Mental) Fog

August 17th, 2014 | no comments


When I was a young girl growing up in New Zealand, I used to dread those cold winter days when we were engulfed by a blanket of fog.  The worst days were the ones where the fog didn’t lift until late morning, and would come rolling back in within a few hours.  They were cold, damp, chilling and dreary….and my mood would often match those conditions.

Fog_River_TreesImage by Stefania Bonacasa


There were moments when the fog would lift and the sun would shine through and everything about life seemed happier and brighter. I longed to be wrapped up in the warmth of the sunshine, to feel her radiance on my skin, and to see the world around me be lit up by bright shining rays of light.


Almost 2 weeks ago I was floored by a horrible virus.  I always notice that when I am unwell, I not only feel crappy physically, but also mentally. I get this blanket of ‘fog’ around me, the sun has trouble getting in, and I question everything in my life…my purpose, what I’m doing, and what the point of it all is?  I feel heavy & dreary….just like fog.


And then the fog began to lift and I felt the sunshine fill my soul again.


The virus has now left my body, my energy & vitality is returning.  I don’t feel like I’m wading through thick muddy waters anymore, I feel clear about where I’m going and what I’m doing, I feel positive, motivated and so much happier!


It fascinates me how much our mental health can be tainted by what is happening to our physical health.  I notice time and time again how clients of mine who present with poor physical health, often have this ‘fog’ around their mentality.  They lack motivation, drive, self-compassion, positivity and self-love.  But as they work on their physical health with the right kind of exercise, nutritious whole foods and healthy lifestyle habits, this wonderful unfolding begins….their fog begins to lift too.


I wrote this post to highlight the ‘mental fog’ and the link this has with your physical health & wellbeing.  Begin moving your body in a way that feels juicy and good for you, get your heart rate up, sweat daily, stretch your muscles & nourish your joints, ditch the processed food and devour organic whole foods rich in nutrition, get some sunshine on your skin and some good quality sleep.


ALWAYS reach out for help and support if you need it.  You are never alone, despite feeling like it sometimes.


Love as always,

Ngaire xx

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