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My Fertility Journy ~ Part I

September 14th, 2017 | no comments


If you have previously read ‘My Story’…then you will know that my beautiful ovaries were the very thing that got me started on this wholefood journey, back when I was a single 28 year old and I discovered that a large (dermoid) cyst had set up camp on my ovary.

This discovery uncovered some deep-seeded fears of infertility I didn’t realise I had, and instilled a burning desire to do everything I possibly could to heal my body naturally…all in the name of my fertile future!  I began the process of completely overhauling my party-girl lifestyle with organic wholefoods, yoga, nutritional supplements, meditation and personal/spiritual development (read about this here).


Fast forward six years and here I was, having married my best friend & the man of my dreams, and was super excited about finally starting to try to make our own little family I’d always dreamed of.

But there remained a dark shadow over this beautiful time of my life….behind the happy, newly wed smiles, I was suffering terrible chronic pain in both my pelvis and my lower back.  Not exactly how I wanted to be kick-starting our marriage 🙁

Despite my best efforts over the past 8 years, my little friend ‘Dermy’ seemed pretty settled on my ovary, and so with the help of my A-team (my team of health professionals), I made the very hard decision to have the cyst surgically removed before we started trying to conceive (post coming soon about my decision for surgery).

The discovery of the dermoid cyst totally changed the direction of my life back in 2008, and so I really do have a lot to thank it for!  My body was simply giving me a very clear message…that I needed to take better care of myself.  I needed a catalyst.  A reason to change.  And for lots of us, pain, discomfort or fear can be that catalyst.  And so despite being the very thing that caused me so much pain, ‘Dermy’ also taught me how to heal….and so I began sowing the first seeds for my fertile future.


“Choose to see that things happen ‘for’ us….not ‘to’ us.”


So 2-months after our gorgeous beach wedding, with my man by my side, I checked myself into the hospital.  I was ready for this surgery, it felt like the right thing to do on all levels.  A decision that certainly wasn’t made lightly.  We had discussed with the surgeon that we wanted to start trying to conceive after the surgery, so with that knowledge, he told me he would also conduct the ‘dye test’, which is a test to determine whether or not my fallopian tubs are open or blocked (they need to be open for the sperm to make their way to the egg!).

Having been under the surgeons knife several times in my life for emergency surgery, it was a different feel going in this time…although I still felt very nervous!  Thankfully it was all over quickly, and as I recovered in my hospital room, I was once again grateful for the wonders of modern medicine.  My husband took this photo only a few hours after waking up from the anesthesia.

New scars over old scars…


The surgeon told me that there was a lot of scar tissue and adhesion’s throughout my abdomen, which were ‘sticking’ all of my organs together.  This is not a good thing for optimally functioning organs, so thankfully the surgeon managed to free up a lot of the adhesion’s…which he pointed out was the longest part of the surgery!  I also had the good news that my fallopian tubes were open, albeit had a lot of scarring, so I was warned I was at high risk for ectopic pregnancy (where the egg doesn’t make it all the way into the uterus after conception).

The following day I came home with a few new scars on my belly, dosed up on some good pain killers…but free of Dermy!  I was excited that the surgery was over, and now I could focus on healing my body to be able to fall pregnant in a few months time.

So with the surgery behind me, knowing I had done everything I possibly could to support my body, I figured I would heal quickly and we would fall pregnant quickly!

But I was wrong.


(continued in next post, coming soon…)

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