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Positive Self Talk is like Sexy Underwear

June 27th, 2013 | no comments

Several years back, a good friend of mine introduced me to the importance of sexy underwear, and the theory that it doesn’t matter what you are wearing or how you are feeling, sexy underwear will make you feel good!

I liked the idea, and next thing I know I was in Myer with my girlfriend, trying on the sexiest bras and underwear possible.  This was a new thing to me, after being the ‘sporty’ type all my life; my wardrobe consisted of sports bras and boring ‘packet of 3’ bottoms.  Lace, frills & sexy wasn’t in my vocabulary on underwear…


Next thing I know, the faded, old, 3-pack panties were in the bin, and were replaced by sexy lacy pieces that, I must admit, did feel amazing on!


I suddenly knew what my friend meant…even if I didn’t feel particularly sexy in my work clothes, or on a Sunday lounging around in trackies and ugg-boots, it didn’t matter…. because underneath I felt sexy, and it was like my own little secret.   I was a Victoria Secret model on the inside 😉  hehe


The problem with the sexy underwear is that it wears out.  What if there was something else that could make you feel sexy underneath in the same ‘my little secret’ way?

Positive Self-Talk

Have you ever taken notice of the ‘chitter chatter’ in your mind?  That little voice in your head every day….you know, the one that usually starts up first thing in the morning when you look in the mirror, then continues to hound you all day:

  • “My skin looks so terrible”
  • “Look at the bags under my eyes, I must get more sleep”
  • “Look at my wrinkles, I’m getting so old, I need some of that expensive anti-aging eye cream”
  • “I can’t wear this skirt, it makes me look too fat”
  • “I’m going to start an exercise routine TOMORROW to lose this weight”
  • “I’m no good, I should have just stayed at home”
  • “Why did I have those fries for lunch, I’m going to have no dinner tonight to make up for it”



Sound familiar? 

Imagine if you had an identical twin that was with you 24hours a day, constantly reciting out loud all the chatter in your mind.  OMG HOW ANNOYING!!!  I bet you’d get so sick of her that you’d tell her to SHUT UP and STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE!!!


Negative self-talk is like wearing old, frumpy granny knickers….you won’t feel sexy & you won’t feel good about yourself.  On the other hand, swapping that negative self-talk for POSITIVE SELF-TALK is like replacing your whole underwear drawer for sexy, lacy, flattering underwear….and the best thing, it doesn’t wear out, it just keeps getting better!



Think positive & sexy thoughts, and the world will wonder what you are smiling about 🙂

Love Ngaire xx


(check out Louise Hay’s positive affirmation CD if you need a little inspiration http://www.hayhouse.com.au)




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