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(Jacinta Ceola, 2013)

“Making the choice to work with Ngaire is honestly one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Ngaire is so kind, caring, positive and give’s off this amazing aura, which is so contagious. No matter what mood I was in before a session, Ngaire always managed to make me walk out with a smile, feeling better about myself. I felt like I could talk to Ngaire about anything and not be judged. She is a fantastic health coach and has so much knowledge & energy to give.  Anyone who is fortunate enough to do health coaching with you is truly blessed” 

Hi! My name is Ngaire, owner of Whole Lot a Health. I'm a Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, and Clinical Pilates teacher, with a passion to empower woman to living a ripe & fertile life; rich with energy, abundance & opportunity.  Health is wealth!

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