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The Illusion of Perfectionism

October 17th, 2013 | 3 comments


Hey beautiful,

It’s a Thursday afternoon here in Brissy (stinking hot of course!), and I’ve just finished writing up a beautiful heart-felt email to all of the participants on this years Spring Cleanse program.  It really moves me witnessing the shifts and transformations people have during this process.  The cleanse is about so much more than food and exercise, it is about awareness, transformation, self love, self acceptance, and discovering just how good you are designed to feel!

I have decided to share this email more publicly in a blog post, as the message is so important that I want to reach out to more of you.  Transforming to a healthy & happy lifestyle can be so challenging, and so I have a few words of encouragement to stoke up your inspirational fire.


womanwithteaartyEmail to Cleansers….

“Making changes to your life can be extremely challenging.  Many of us are creatures of habit, and we do most things without even thinking about it…I mean it’s easier that way right?  We get up in the morning, pop on the toast, make our coffee and head out to start the day, without giving our food a second thought.  But what if your unconscious habits were healthy ones?

When you decide to make changes to your lifestyle, suddenly you have a lot more to think about, which can be a challenge particularly for those of you with kids and busy family lives to consider.  You do have to make time to plan and prepare your food, and schedule in your exercise, which is a huge shock to the system if you have never given these things much of a thought.  There seems to be an overwhelming feeling of too much to do.

Being prepared makes all the difference, and just like learning any new activity, you need to practice.  You will have days, weeks or months where it just isn’t happening,  but that’s OK, just pick yourself up, start again, and KEEP ON TRYING!  When you give up and think “oh it’s just all too hard”, that is when you are most certainly never going to achieve your goals.

There is no such thing as perfect.  No one has a 100% perfect diet, and if they say they do they are most probably lying!  A perfect body?  Another disillusion.  We get so caught up with all of the ‘perfection’ that is portrayed through social media, advertising and television these days, that we end up in this comparison battle-field in our minds….the most common underlying fear being “I’m not good enough”.

And that is RUBBISH!  You are so perfectly imperfect, and the more you can start to see your own natural beauty, the more your life will expand in it’s magical possibilities.  Just play in this space, look at your body and choose to see it as being perfect!  Ignore the little voice in your head that is telling you otherwise…that is just your ego, your false sense of self.  Yes it is much easier said than done, but just like anything else, it takes practice.

Get rid of your magazines, take breaks from social media, get off the TV and do something creative, go for a walk, paint a picture, sing, dance, cook….anything that spurs a connection with your soul and allows you to express the aliveness you have deep inside of you, itching to get out!

If the only thing you get out of this program is being more aware and conscious of your thoughts and actions, then my job here is done.  Awareness is the first and most important step to any change.  Without awareness, you are blindly sleep-walking through life.  With awareness you are awake.  You are mindful of what is around you, and how your body, mind and soul interacts with this world.  You are in a position to step your life up to another level.  Most people have no idea how good they are designed to feel.

Choose to be awake, choose to love your perfect imperfections, and trust the evolution of your journey.

You are exactly where you need to be.  Just breathe, and remind yourself that you are truly alive in this world.  This is the the best gift we could ever have.”

Love Ngaire xx

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  1. Laura says:

    Beautiful post Ngaire!!! You are such an inspiration xxx

  2. Hello! I really like your blog! Continue to write more! Very interesting!

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