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Yoga Is My Soul Food

June 27th, 2013 | 2 comments

Yoga is my Soul Food.  Somewhere along my journey I had forgotten this, until tonight.  OMG, I am feeling so divinely good right now I just have to write about it.  Seriously, after a 75min restoritive class I feel lighter.  I feel calm.  My body has softened.  I feel relaxed and gentle but energised as if deep parts of my body have been nourished with rich oxygenated blood for the first time in months.  I feel…strangely enough, restored.




For the past wee while I’ve felt like something was missing from my life, there was a piece of the puzzle that had been misplaced or had gotten lost somewhere along the way…..

Tonight I remembered where that piece was…it was in my yoga practice.

Oh how I’ve missed you, and the feelings you bring to me.  Tonight was the first time I have felt like I truly connected to a yoga space/teacher/practice since I have moved to Queensland last year in 2011.  From the moment I walked into the room I felt at home, the energy was right.

As we worked through the first of the restoritive postures, I felt my body awakening, and I felt an overwhelming sense of emotion.  I felt like I wanted to cry, not becuase of sadness, but because of intense happiness and relief to find this comforting, familiar & safe space.

Connecting to yourself, to your spirit, to god….how ever you wish to describe it, is an important part of your overall health & wellness.  Spirituality is one of the ‘Primary Foods‘ that feeds us, along with Career, Relationships and Physical Activity.

To balance the mind, the body, the hormones, and help improve strength & agility while reversing aging & preventing disease…find a class that ‘fits’ you.  Remember sometimes it can take some time (1 year for me!), of trying different spaces, classes and different teachers before you find the right fit. Other classes you could try include Tai Chi, Pilates, or any other movement form where there is a focus on the breath.

Soul Foods come in all shapes & sizes, you are only limited by your imagination.  A few of mine include:

  • Connecting with Nature
  • Singing
  • Dancing freely
  • Intimacy
  • Getting creative in the kitchen

What are your ‘Soul Foods’?  Would love to hear from you 🙂

Love Ngaire xx

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  1. Jana says:


    ps – the website looks amazing, you’re a legend Ngaize x

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